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The Back Story

Keanu is an Award winning fashion designer who specializes in Special Occasion. He was born and raised in Washington D.C. He is currently working on his Bachelor's degree in fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). He has won many awards from CFDA scholar to a Prada Scholarship recipient. Designing isn’t just his career or hobby, it’s HIS LIFE! Keanu’s work fully represents who he is as a person, a STRONG, BLACK, QUEER INDIVIDUAL! When people wear his clothes, designs, and looks, he wants them to know they are and feel CONFIDENT, POWERFUL, PRESENT, AND THEY MATTER; like they belong and can CONQUER ANYTHING that comes their way. He is a TRUE AND LIVING EXAMPLE OF HIS BRAND AND THE MOTTO; BE LOUD, CRAZY, GLAMOROUS, and most of all BE YOUR MOST EXTRA-SELF!

Feburary-March 2022

Macy's Black History Month Window Display | Featured Designer

Showcased 3 Keanu Williams looks for the Macy’s window display.  Collaborated with the Macy’s display team on the staging and space of the window presentation.


K. Nassia Made to Measure | Founder and Head designer

All phased of design, Made to Measure Couture Pieces for private clients. 

February 2023

Ruth Carter, NAACP Image Awards

Designed a fabuolous gown for Ruth Carter To wear to the NAACP IMAGE AWARDS. 

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